Gut: Clear it out!

Gut: The place where your intuition lives.
Also, Gut: The stomach or belly.

Mental diet for the intuition gut:
Surround your self with uplifting people, thoughts and things. Shout out to @createthelove for simple and sane words. Follow him!

A balanced diet for the stomach gut:
Eat well, Move, hydrate and well, clean your gut. I am not an expert on gut health but will share one product that contributes positively to gut health – Shout out to @squattypotty — yes, we should talk about this! Not sponsored and we own this since years!

What are your favorite things for your gut, both kinds? I could use food suggestions that helped with gut health. Tag an account you think has added value. I would love to know! 🙏🏼

One thought on “Gut: Clear it out!

  1. I’ve heard pickled stuff is good for the gut. I like picked gherkins and capers and mango – that vinegary zest adds a whole other dimension to your taste buds. That other gut feeling though only improves with practice/ or not at all.


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