For all my extrovert-ness these things are ridiculously hard ..

For all my extrovert-ness the few things that I find ridiculously difficult are:

🗣 Asking for help – and it’s not a lack of need. Because who doesn’t need help!

🗣 Self Promotion – my resume is a sorry example of that.

🗣 Taking a compliment, especially in person – it’s almost as if I need a credited institution to validate my dry shampoo skills so that I can accept ‘your hair looks great today!’

🗣 Seeing my own worth – I have no quip here because if I start on this, it will turn into a book.

Is it ego at play or need of control or am I just wired that way? Who knows, but it needs to change and I am taking actionable steps!!

And, no I don’t think being an extrovert or an introvert automatically makes the above possible. It’s was my perception that the above may come organic to me as being an extrovert.

😳 It took me only 30days of contemplation before I ‘invited’ family & friends to ‘Like’ my page. And, the push that made me do it was my self-thought of ‘well, I don’t want I spam my personal page with my posts all the time so whoever wants to read my work will ‘Like’ with the Facebook page or better yet will subscribe to the blog’

🗣 This amazing Kathleen Taylor artwork speaks to me – I am a science & signs person – and I spotted it at the cutest store wild oats and billy goats. This will be in my office one day, I will buy it! Because ..

It’s a bird and the message is what I need.

Do you struggle with owning the intangible? How do you go about it? Share some tips in comments .. all of us could use it! ♥️

6 responses to “For all my extrovert-ness these things are ridiculously hard ..”

  1. I can resonate with everything that is listed here and struggle with it in the same manner. I don’t believe it is ego at least not for any of the other things besides the ‘asking for help’ part. For me I think it is related to the trust or authenticity behind what is offered and the intention behind it. But also on the other hand, I tend to trust too easily and then end up regretting it. Asking for help though should be practiced by all without any ego or feeling bad..


    • Hi Rami – thank you reading ♥️

      I hear what you are saying. And I can see how that can those can be a factor.

      Overtime I have invested a lot of time in my self to educate myself to take everything I consume mentally with a level of sanity, even my own thoughts. If the information or service provided reaches me and I see value in it then I am ok with it. If I find it flaky then a bye Felicia! 😂 although I do try to give due chance.


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