Photo shoot instead of souvenirs? Yes please!

Few weeks ago my cousin sent me a video from my childhood. The video is a candid clip from a family event and shows me and my cousins dressed and waiting to pose for a photo shoot.

In the video there are hugs, kisses, chaos, constant adult (unsuccessful) direction of where and how the kids should pose, Indian film industry influenced fashion choices – think luxurious (somewhat itchy) clothing in rich jewel tones on children who don’t understand or appreciate the need for the grand. But somehow are genetically wired to be prim and proper when wearing such clothes and, ofcourse around a camera.

Did I mention that – I am a SouthAsian transplant and have been calling US home since 1997.

I digress!

That video took me by complete surprise!

Not for the fashion choices or for the fact that I had no idea that such a video existed.

My emotions surprised me.

For a moment, I took the next few breaths as that young girl who had only one major role in life – to be a daughter.

In that video I saw, my now aged, my self and family. Sadly, some of them are no longer with us.

In that video, I saw the simplicity of relationships. Which, my now grown self, knows that it was always complex.

As I watched that video surrounded by my husband and son I realized that they will never know this girl who was once only a daughter. See, they know this woman who is a daughter, sister, wife, mother, working professional and everything in between.

I am super sure I don’t want my husband to know that girl either – I mean I won an eating competition in school! It’s a story for another day.

But that video or some pictures I discover makes me feel these feelings. These feelings that are priceless and feel like a warm blanket over your cold body … until you remember high school and testing. Thank goodness for aging out.

Access to capturing memories is easier than ever! Let’s use them. Let’s take pictures and let’s be in the pictures.

Few years ago we decided that once a year and/or on every family vacation we will make family pictures our souvenirs.

My world!

Today, when I walk through the front door and see pictures from our trips, I tell us the couple – Good Decision!

With services like it makes even easier to make this your reality!

This is not sponsored and we have used their service worldwide. This is a good place to start if you are unsure on where to begin.

Smile away now to Smile later!

5 responses to “Photo shoot instead of souvenirs? Yes please!”

  1. Family pictures are the best. I love the practice here in the US of doing annual photos, especially when you have a growing family. It’s a beautiful memory for eternity. There are members of our family back home we don’t have pictures of beyond a certain time or age and that’s the last picture you have to remember them by. So click away and make those memories you will hold so fondly in the future!


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