Trolling outside of social media

“It’s just so sad and cowardly to see people spew negativity and hatred on social media. I mean if you don’t like it move on!! Btw, did you hear that celebrity X is leaving celebrity Y — maybe X just had enough of Y”

(There is a muffled laugh that sent a clear signal – Ofcourse my theory is correct and now the world will see the true colors of celebrity Y)

And the conversation continued weaving a web of personality and moral trait judgements on celebrity Y supported bu anecdotes which I can only assume were in tabloids.

In that moment I saw it clearly, while the term trolling maybe a by-product of social judgment, albeit anonymous most time – we have been trolling for a while now.

Think about it.

Trolling goes beyond writing

Judging anyone based on their choices and either mocking/criticizing them to someone is TROLLING!

Cognitive bias is a human nature and the suggestion is not that having an opinion is trolling. But having an opinion on things that are none of your business and passing judgment IS trolling.

Trolls are not limited to the anonymous handles of social media.

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